Monday, January 7, 2013

Not so Hum(drum) Hummus .. And Pita!

For a new take on a classic snack, read on...

Pita pocket (1 per serving)
Hummus (any flavor, I used Greek Olive)
Feta Cheese
Tools: Serrated knife, Toaster

Ok ready for this? Cut the pita pocket in half. Stick the 2 sides into the toaster (you will have to do it on an angle because the arcs don't quite fit). Toast to your preferred char level. (I say char level, because I am really bad at using a toaster... forever will my bread be burnt).

Spread your choice of hummus on top of toasted pita bread, sprinkle with cheese.

Voila! Hummus and Pita.

I am currently munching on this for a quick dinner in between my never-ending to do list, but I think is a great snack. This also might make a great appetizer for a little get together: use a few flavors of hummus, cut it up into pieces, could go a long way for relatively cheap. ... and this way better than having to worry about being caught double dipping at a party! [[Superbowl Sunday is coming up, people! Get in the game!]]


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