Monday, May 27, 2013

Southern Grilled Chicken BLT

So, by now you know that me and tt just completed our annual vacation in South Carolina, which quickly became a bit more legend-dary than just the yoosh {?! how do you spell the abbreviation of usual... hmm, food for thought}. 

As I mentioned on the Skinny page, on our return trip to Charleston we had a lovely meal at High Cotton, the sister restaurant of S.N.O.B. where we initially had intended to go, for multiple reasons, including the fact that it's a-mazing. Luckily, High Cotton lived up to the sister expectation. 

I started with the seasonal Sangria,. which was a white wine with berries in it- yum. tt ordered a steak burger, and I decided on the Grilled Chicken "BLT" - which I plan to try to recreate at home because it was delightful. {add french fries and some pickles to the deal and whoa Nelly}

The Recipe:
Southern Grilled Chicken BLT
{with Fried Green Tomatoes}
Recipe recreated from High Cotton, Charleston, S.C.
Makes 1 sandwich

1 Kaiser Roll - preferably not too hard of a roll
1 grilled chicken breast
Few leaves lettuce - bibb or butter would work best
2 slices crispy bacon
Pimento Cheese {click here for Paula Deen's recipe}
1-2 slices fried green tomato {click here for The Neely's recipe}

  1. Slice roll, and spread cheese on top portion 
  2. On the bottom half, layer in this order: tomato, bacon, chicken breast, lettuce
  3. Place top on roll, cheese side down, and slice in half
  4. Serve with french fries and a side of pickles

I CAN'T WAIT to try making this sandwich!! It will have to be a special treat meal, since starting this week I am going to come up with a Bridezilla Diet/Exercise regimen for myself... eek!

xx Coleen


Laugh much,

cook often,

and always 

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