Sunday, September 8, 2013

everything bagel bake out

Who doesn't love a good bagel? Especially when they are fresh, and warm. My favorite? Well, that would definitely be a toss up between a French Toast bagel, or Everything. Smothered in cream cheese. Yes, oh yes. Get in my belly. Um, now.

As many of us know, what comes along with these deliciously carb-filled goodies, is just that. A TON of carbs. They say that a big ol' bagel from your favorite deli is most likely between 500-600 calories, so we're talking the equivalent of 6 slices of bread. Yes, I said six slices of bread. Plus a glob of cream cheese that is probably adding another hundred calories. Gross. 

There is all this talk about scooping out the inside of your bagel and just eating the outside part along with your topping. While I'm sure this would do the trick and reduce your calorie count, doesn't it seem somewhat wasteful? Personally, I would go for half instead of hollow, if I had the choice. But who wants to eat just half of a bagel? 

I came across something else, which seemed to me to be a much more satisfying substitution. If you can get the flavor profile from another source, wouldn't that be divine? Why not MAKE your "everything" seasoning, and put it on a more diet-friendly whole wheat English Muffin for 120 calories + lite cream cheese for 70 more. Um hello- this seems like a nobrainer. But how, pray tell, do you make the seasoning? Let me tell you:

{I'm getting really bad at tracking where these are coming from}
2 tsp Minced onion {dried}
2 tsp Minced garlic {dried}
2 tsp Poppy seeds
2 tsp Sesame seeds
1 tsp Caraway seeds
1 tsp Kosher salt

  1. Combine all spices together and give a shake. I had an empty spice container in my cabinet, so I put it in there. {it was formerly garlic powder, so I didn't have to wash it out. If you use one that needs washing, make sure it is fully dried before putting your new spice mix in}
  • Add more/less of any of the above to your liking. I did add a bit more minced onion because I felt that was a good flavor that made me really think of an everything bagel. 
  • Enjoy seasoning on a toasted whole wheat English Muffin + lite cream cheese for an everything bagel fake out. 

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