Monday, February 2, 2015

Cauliflower Mash

I think one of the biggest things I struggle with having gone #mostlyPaleo is potatoes. And cheese, but that's a whole nother issue. I have set out on a quest to find a way to substitute potatoes when I'm eating a comfort-food type meal and they are just necessary to have. So far, I have found a few viable options. One of which, is cauliflower. 

Yes- I will make you a believer. I made my friend Erin a believer, and I will make you one, too. 

Of course, I consulted Pinterest. Where else would I go, Google? Such old news. Anyway, I was brought to Whole Foods website. Making mashed cauliflower is literally SO easy. And it tastes SO good. I've now done it both smothered in gravy and by themselves. And I almost forgot I wasn't eating mashed potatoes. The consistency is a little different, so my only suggestion is to be careful how much liquid you add back in, but.. without further ado:

Oh, and I added a little bit of butter into the food processing, too. 

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